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The Principal

The Wulungarra Community School Motto is ' Seek Wisdom'.

Being a Principal at Wulungarra Community School is a privilege because  I see my contribution to the school as part of a 'bigger picture' in the world of developing indigenous education. The school provides an education of safety and social equity; one that represents improved teaching and learning outcomes for children in a very remote location in Australia. Wulungarrra Community School is an Aboriginal Independent Community School (AICS) and  caters for students from Kindergarten through to Year 10. The school acomodates a population sitting at 30 students in 2017. Our purpose is to provide a safe and caring learning environment that encourages all students to fulfil their potential. We ensure that decision making, strategic planning and resourcing align with our school motto: 'Seek Wisdom'.

                                                                                               Rosie Visiya Tabuaucu