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Pastoral care

Pastoral Care at Wulungarra Community School is tailored and responsive to the needs of individual students. Each student's emotional well being is paramount at Wulungarra.Every student is regarded as an individual and we take pride in the ability of our staff to understand and address the needs and progress of every student.
Every member of the school community aims to provide an environment in which student feels safe, nurtured and affirmed . Students are supported to develop to their full potentials and experience a sense of belonging and connectedness to the whole community. All students are encourage to be aware of their heritage and tradition, to form links between current and old students and to listen to the stories of past students and present.
Pastoral Care is part of an inclusive approach to learning within the curriculum and co curriculum which are desinged to be restpectful and provide learning opportunities that are responsive to each studnet unique need for growth and fulfillment. The school support team which consist of he Chaplains and the Teachers who work in consultation with the Principal provides guidance on a student's choice of participation and activities in school and other co curricula spheres. The needs of each students is catered for through a comprehensive programme including:
  • Peer Tutorial

  • Staff Tutorial

  • Team Building

  • Buzz Programme

  • Character Education