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Upper Primary

"As children grow, their sense of themselves and their world expands. They begin to see themselves as members of larger communities..."

Year  Five to Seven at Wulungarra Community School is build upon the solid foundations students have established in the Lower Primary years. Students are given increased responsibilty for managing and increased responsibilty for organising their learning and continue to develop their work habits. Students are encouraged to become more independent with a focus on taking an active role in the learning process and continue to "Seek Wisdom" to be a productive member of the community.

Lower Primary

The lower primary consist of K-Year 4 in Wulungarra Community School. Most of the learning is nurtured by cultural identity, traditional language and knowledge and their sense of belonging to the community. At this level, most of the learning is play based which is centred around social constructivism where not only literacy and numeracy skills are developed, but also a range of vital social, emotional and life skills are  taken into consideration.


The school libary provides suitable documents and helpful information that supports Staff and Teachers in educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school.


Counselling is an ongoing program in Wulungarra Community School. With the support of the Principal and school staff , Dave and Kate devote time every Mondays and Tuesdays to provise support to individuals and group of students on the following services:

  • help to manage relationships 
  • support to manage issues of concern
  • support to encourage attendance and learning at school
  • conduct Sunday Schooling to strengthen Christian Living.


Wulungarra Community School has began to value sports as it aims to build relationships between schools and develop healthy habits to last a lifetime. This year 2017, the school was blessed to be invited by Kulkariya Remote Community School for a Faction Carnival. It was a success to see parents and community elders participate in the faction Carnival held in the beginning of Term 3. Community members of the two communities (Noonkanbah and Kadjina)  came together as one during this event and relationships were made stronger between schools and the communities.